Electrical Maintenance Training

Our electrical maintenance trainings are designed aiming at minimizing maintenance costs while maintaining maximum operation reliability and electrical safety. These courses are prepared and delivered by professionals having extensive experience in power plants and specific equipment manufacturing plants. All of our electrical trainers have worked as the consultants in major power generating and transmission network operating companies. Our range of electrical maintenance courses cover electrical network protections, generator maintenance and protection, excitation systems, electrical motors maintenance and protection, transformers maintenance and protection and optimizing preventive maintenance on electrical apparatus. These trainings are designed with the focus of emphasising equipment manufacturers’ recommendations, industrial best practices and applicable regulations to enable the participants to make a positive impact in their maintenance schedules after the training. Appropriate real world case studies are incorporated for the training discussions which enable the participants to visualize the importance of adhering to the recommendations and the best practices in the industry. These courses are continually improved based on the feedback from the participants as well as the development of the technologies. Any of these courses can be tailored for site specific requirements to meet your company needs.